Wedding at The Loft On Pine | Dayne + Ashlee

Dayne and Ashlee’s Long Beach Wedding

There is nothing quite like your wedding day. Each is unique; encompassing and cultivating it’s own atmosphere and emotion. Weddings are a beautiful, emotional, life-changing event all experienced in a single day. Often times they’re even emotional for photographers as we are immersed in the intense joy and celebrations of the day. Sometimes the people and events in our own lives can alter our perspective and add to the magic. Such was the case on this happy day.

I’m thrilled to share with you, the wedding of Dayne and his gorgeous bride, Ashlee. I met Ashlee through my wife’s company, where she teaches kids dance and acting. I was fairly new to weddings at the time and offered Ashlee and Dayne an engagement session, where a photo from their session was featured on Rangefinder Magazine. Thankfully they loved their session and entrusted me to photograph their wedding day!

A Contagious Love

Rangefinder Magazine recently featured their wedding celebrations as well.  Ashlee and Dayne were married at The Loft on Pine in Long Beach which boasts an absolutely stunning venue. It’s very trendy, with natural wood and exposed brick walls. Every detail was impeccable, as were Ashlee and Dayne!

It would be easy for any photographer to get caught up in the moment of the day, but when your wife is pregnant (as mine was)… you’re wrapped up in all the emotion of a new baby about to enter your life… if you pour on a gorgeous, heart-string tugging wedding on top of that?! Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck! In the best of ways, of course.

I love looking back on this wedding and reminiscing not only on how beautiful and life-changing the day was for Ashlee and Dayne, but also on the warm feelings that were all encompassing for me as their photographer. There truly is nothing like wedded bliss, even from behind the lens.

March 2, 2016

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