Safiya Nygaard’s Wedding At Carondelet House

The Dream Wedding of YouTube Star Safiya Nygaard

Not everyone can document their wedding journey from the moment the guy proposes going down on one knee and the girl says yes. Yet, that’s exactly what Safiya Nygaard did when she got engaged to Tyler Williams at Disney Land. Many of you might have watched videos of them planning their reception and ceremony, which finally came to fruition in November 2019.

The Venue – Carondolet House in Los Angeles, CA

Transported to Another Place in Time – This is the dream that Carondelet House in Los Angeles offers to couples. Their wedding venue is a 1929 Italian-Inspired brick building that stands tall and beautiful in the heart of Los Angeles. Once you step foot inside, you are transported to a world of intrigue and style that combines urban flair with vintage texture.
For Safiya and Tyler, their union had always been a part of their journey and that was the one element they wanted to celebrate. Each year, they both visited Disney Land and on one of these journeys, they tied the knot.
Guests entering her wedding were warned, “To the Moon and Back,” which aptly described the love they have for each other.

Safiya’s wedding planning was done by Marni Farmer, who owns So Smitten Events. Her wedding décor ideas not only bought tears to the bride’s eyes but in full effect, made the attendees gasp in wonderment.
The entrance was simple and gave a hint to the guests as to what they would see inside. However, no one could imagine they would be stepping into a place that looked like the sky was lit with stars and yet, the clouds played in the background.

The theme of the wedding was “Dreams” and Marni incorporated it in everything from the table setting to the décor. The fairy lights, the candles and the chandeliers brightened up the place like it was a set up for movie stars walking down the red carpet.

The Bride + Groom

And then it was time… for Safiya to make her dream come true. As a YouTube star, she had made numerous vlogs on her wedding. Years of planning and preparation were coming to an end and she wanted everything to be perfect.
Just like her personality and the vision she had for her wedding – classy with oomph – she decided to break traditions and do something different. Her wedding ring was a black diamond and she paired that with a personalized headband.

Her “Juliet” style dress was made by Stephanie White of Odylyne – The Ceremony and she got ready at the Ritz Carlton in Down Town Los Angeles. Safiya had wanted to do something different with her wedding dress but the color white held heart. So, after exchanging the rings, she made an ethereal entrance that had her close friends shaking their head in amusement because it was only something that Safiya could pull off with pizazz.

Even Safiya’s bouquet was different… made of wild flowers with bold colors and a pop of red, which also matched the setting Tyler had on his tux. Together, the bride and groom looked like the picture perfect couple.

It was time to exchange the ring and the quirky couple they are, Safiya and Tyler showed off their rings in a funny way. Once the rings had been exchanged, that’s when the real fun began.

Their beloved cat Crusty’s appearance as the main cocktail for the evening, “The Curstini” Perfection right?

The dreamy decor made us feel like we were amongst the stars. No pun intended haha. Every detail was meticulous with taste and class. We were in awe with how gorgeous everything turned out. Safiya vision came to life with the help of my friend Marni. They both really made something special that evening.

Even Jenna Marbles was in the building!

Safiya’s Black Swan Moment

At the cake cutting ceremony, Safiya had her black swan moment and changed into a beautiful black gown and transformed herself as Morticia Addams, who came to steal Tyler’s heart. Their wedding dance was so sensual that guests were sitting on the edge of their seats to see how Tyler would dip and sway Safiya. Now this is what I call a first dance!

Once the heels and shiny loafers were off, the bride and groom brought the party down with their sleek moves… alright, they were more goofy but it looked like they were having one heck of a time.

As one of the biggest weddings of the year, Safiya didn’t disappoint with the festivities. They were as interesting as her vlogs. We at Love Tribe Weddings had a great time capturing these moments. In fact, we were honored to be chosen for our wedding photography service.

Safiya and Tylers last wedding photo was a picture perfect kiss. What a way to end the perfect evening.

Wedding Planner: So Smitten Special Events
Venue: Carondelet House Caterer: Tres LA
Florist: GingerSnap Florals
Photographer: Love Tribe Weddings Videographer: Amari Productions Rentals: MTB Event Rentals DJ: RedShoe LA Photo Booth: Paper Moon Shoppe
Dessert: Lark Cake Shop
Bridesmaid Hair/Makeup: Meg O’Hare Beauty
Bride Makeup: Yukina Bride Hair: Kayley Melissa Band: Hedgehog Swing Transportation: Swoop